Freight & Returns


SAMPLES - Please return your samples within 4 weeks of purchase. If you need them for a longer period, let us know and we are happy to give you an extension.

ORDERS - If for some reason, you no longer need your order, and the garments have not been worn, or mistreated, then we will accept returns within 14 days from purchase. Please note the reason for the return as this is of importance to us.



SAMPLES & ORDERS must be returned in the same condition as you purchased them. But, if you or your customer have spent the night looking for the bag, and just cannot for the life of you find it, then we are happy to re-bag them here (for love) However, repeat offenders will be monitored!



We require documents (copies of packing slips or invoices) when returning your samples or orders. It would help us to process your credit quicker, as we would not have to go hunting for it. However, no RA numbers are needed - bonus!



NEVER A GOOD THING. A bit like that one burnt chip at the bottom of the bag,

or worse, the tiny bit of egg shell that made its way into your enjoyable egg sandwich! We understand what a pain it is, so we are happy to find a solution. Providing it is a manufacturing fault, we are more than happy to repair it, replace it, or credit it. All we ask, is that if we have to repair it, please can the garment be laundered and clean.



FREIGHT will not be credited on your sample or order returns. Unless of course, the garments were faulty or sent in error.



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Christchurch: Phone (03) 371-7228, fax (03) 371-7229, E-mail: